Substantive nenumarabile in engleza




  (Asculta explicatia si traducerile in videoclip!)

Substantive numarabile in romana, dar nenumarabile in engleza:

–          Nu adauga “-s” / “-es” pentru plural!

–          Nu au articol « a » / « an »

–          Se acorda cu verbul la singular

–          Unele dintre ele au cuantificatori pentru a putea fi puse la plural (a piece of, an item of, a bit of)


  • Advice
  • Information
  • Luggage / baggage
  • Homework
  • News
  • Knowledge
  • Progress
  • Evidence
  • Furniture
  • Money
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Bread
  • Chocolate
  • Soap


I don’t know what to do… could you give me some advice, please?


The detective is just giving us two pieces of important information about the new case, although he hasn’t found much evidence yet.


I don’t have much luggage, only one item.


Teachers usually give us lots of homework.


Ten items of news have been written about this matter.

Lots of news  have been written about this matter.


The manager doesn’t like him because he doesn’t have much knowledge in this field.


Your money is here, don’t look for it any more!


She is going to buy a lovely piece of furniture for her new born baby, although  doesn’t have so much money.


We must pay in advance for the pupils’ accommodation.


How much bread are you going to buy?”

“Not much, only a loaf of bread.”

“Buy two loaves of bread, please! I need one, too.”


I like chocolate so much, that I could eat two bars at once!


–          a bar of chocolate // two bars of chocolate


Let’s try these chocolates! I’ll take a mint one, I  have never tasted something like           that.


When she came back from England, she brought lots of bars of soap.  She even gave me two cakes of fruit soap.



Acum incearca si tu sa traduci urmatoarele propozitii, folosind explicatiile din videoclip:


  1. Nu-mi place sa iau multe bagaje cand calatoresc.
  2. Pentru mai multe informatii, contactati aceasta persoana, va rog!
  3. N-a facut prea mult bani, dar i-a placut acea slujba.
  4. Ar trebui sa cumpere cel putin zece paini pentru musafiri.
  5. Acestea sunt cele mai bune vesti pe care le-am auzit pana acum.
  6. Cheama doctorul! Copilul a mancat toate cele trei ciocolate pe care le-a gasit in frigider!
  7. Daca nu exersezi, nu te astepta sa faci prea multe progrese!


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  1. uncountable nouns are those the nouns that are not … they may include using coantificatorilor. but only some have coantificatori coantificatori these are: a piece / s of, an item / s of the bit / s of. te rog să mi spui dacă această explicație este corectă gramatical


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