Propozitii interogative


  1. Verbe cu conjugare proprie (to be, have got, modale)
  2. Subiectul = cuvantul/sintagma interogativa
  3. Locul prepozitiilor in intrebari



  1. 1.      Verbe cu conjugare proprie


a). TO BE



A: S + am/is/are…I: Am/ Is/Are + S…? A: S + was/were…I: Was/Were + S ….?


Where is your house?

How was the trip to the seaside?


A: There + is/ are…I: Is/Are + there…? A: There + was/were…I: Was/Were + there…?


How many planes were there at the airport?

Why are there so many dirty plates on the table?




A: S + have/has got…

I: Have/Has + S + got…?


How much butter have we got in the fridge?

Whose telephone number has she got?


c). VERBE MODALE (can, may, must, should, etc.)


A: S + modal…

I: Modal + S …?


How many flowers can he bring?

How many sentences must we translate?

How often should she run if she wants to lose weight?



  1. 2.      Subiectul = cuvantul/sintagma interogativa

=>  se pastreaza schema de afirmativ!


Who has cooked this cake?

Who’s going to come to the party?

Who’s got a pen?

Who saw the comet?

(DAR!!! Who did you see there?)

What kind of people have come here?

What kind of woman could do that?


  1. 3.      Locul prepozitiilor in intrebarile despre complement


He gave the flowers to Mary.

Cui? = Who…to? (informal)  sau  To whom…? (formal)


Who did he give the flowers to?

To whom did he give the flowers?


They sent the card from Italy.

De unde…? = Where…. from? (informal) sau  From where…?  (formal)


Where did they send the card from?

From where did they send the card?


The two men are talking about cars.

Despre ce…? = What…. about? (informal)  sau  About what…? (formal)


What are the two men talking about?

About what are the two men talking?



Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii, folosind un limbaj uzual:


1.  Arati foarte obosit acum… de unde vii?

2.  A cui masina este aceea?

3. Cine era cel mai bun prieten al tau cand erai copil?

4. Ce fel de conducatori auto s-au calificat pentru aceasta cursa?

5.  Pe-a cui masina o are ea saptamana asta?

6. Cine a fost vreodata in aceasta parte de lume?

7. Despre cine vorbesti?

8. Cui i-a scris mail-uri cand a fost in acea delegatie?


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