Intrebari cu LIKE

Intrebari cu LIKE


Intrebari despre personalitate


What + (to be) + S + like?


What was your grandfather like?

He was kind and very intelligent.


What is your sister like?

Well, she’s not so talkative as I am.


How do you think your boy will be like?

Maybe the child will be lazy like his dad and smart like his mother.


Intrebari despre infatisare


What + auxiliar + S + look like?


What did his grandfather look like?

He was short and fat.


What does your girlfriend look like?

She has long hair and blue eyes and she is thin.


What do your dogs look like?

Terry is small and he has black curly hair and Roxy is a medium-sized dog.


What will the future look like?

It will be exactly as we build it.


Intrebari referitoare la simturi


What + auxiliar + S + smell/taste/feel like?


What do the tulips smell like?

Well, how can I explain their smell?


What does the soup taste like?

It tastes very good. It’s delicious.


What does this fabric (stofa) feel like?

It’s so soft and warm.


What did the wedding cake taste like?

It was all chocolate and very sweet.


Intrebari despre vreme


What + (to be) + the weather like…?


What was the weather like during your holiday?


What’s the weather like today?


What will the weather be like next week?



Acum vezi daca stii sa spui:


1. Cum arăta mireasa?

2. Cum este noua noastră colegă?

3. Cum e la gust inghetata de lamaie? E putin acra?

4. Cum mirosea parfumul pe care l-ai incercat?

5. Ai vazut prognoza meteo? Cum va fi vremea pe litoral la vara?



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