Cuvinte interogative





Who Cine Where unde
Why De ce Whose Al/a/ai/ale cui
When Cand What Ce, care
What kind of Ce fel de Which Ce, care
How Cum How much Cat, cata
How many Cati, cate How long (de) cat timp
How often Cat de des How funny Cat de amuzant


  • Se pun inaintea schemelor in interogativ de la fiecare timp.

Present Simple:  *** do/does + S + V…?

Why does she sleep so late?

Past Continuous: *** was/were + S+ V-ing…?

What were you doing when I called?

Present Perfect Simple: *** have/has + S + V(III)…?

What kind of flowers have you bought?

Past Perfect Continuous: *** had + S + been + V-ing…?

How long had he been waiting  by the time your plane  landed?

“Going to” Future: *** am/is/are + S + going to + V…?

When are you going to translate the sentences?



WHAT  implica o alegere deschisa.

What colour do you like?


WHICH  implica o alegere dintr-un numar finit.

Which colour do you like, yellow or green?



Ce diferenta  este intre urmatoarele propozitii?

What book  did you take?

Which book did you take?


Cuvinte interogative insotite de substantive, adjective sau adverbe


                                                        What kind of + substantiv

What kind of card did you send her for Christmas?

What kind of cards are you going to send?

What kind of car does he have?




* How much pentru substantive nenumarabile

* How many pentru substantive numarabile



  • How many + substantiv

How many pencils will you need?

How many CDs have you brought?


  • How much + substantiv

How much bread does your father usually eat?

How much butter are you going to buy?


  • Whose + substantiv

Whose book did you take by mistake?

Whose cat has scratched my armchair?


  • How + adjectiv/adverb

How long does it take you to go to the seaside from your town?

How often did  your boy eat junk food when you were on holiday?

How sour do you think this lemon is?


  • What + substantiv

What consequences will your  behaviour have?

What renovation are your neighbours making?


Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii:

1. De unde ai cumparat rochia aceasta frumoasa?

2.  Cate farfurii ai adus?

3.  De cat timp te uiti la televizor?

4.  Cum s-a simtit dupa accident?

5.  De ce crezi ca n-o sa vina la petrecere?

6.  Ce creion ai vrea? Eu am o multime de creioane.

7.  Ce fel de caine are de gand sa adopte?

8.  A carui vina crede directorul ca este?

9.  Ce ai cumparat de la magazinul fara taxe vamale?

10.  Ce limbi straine a invatat fratele tau?


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