Tradu in engleza urmatoarele intrebari:

1. De cat timp lucreaza pentru aceeasi companie?

2. Ce fel de carti ai citit recent?

3. Ce faci, te uiti la televizor sau dormi?

4. A incercat cineva sa te ajute cu ocazia aceea?

5. Cand ai de gand sa exersezi mai mult?

6. Pe care dintre cartile mele ai vrea s-o citesti?

7. Te gandesti vreodata la viitorul tau?

8. Participase la un alt concurs inainte sa-l castige pe acela?

9. Pe cine ajutai in acel moment?

10. Cine lucra cu tine la proiect?

11. Ce se intamplase cu postul tau?

12. Erai acolo cand s-a intamplat?

13. Vor exista multe schimbari?

14. Ar trebui ca oamenii sa fie mai draguti unii cu altii?


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Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii:

1. Daca n-am avea asa de multe lucruri de facut, nu am fi asa stresati.

2. Nu l-ar durea spatele acum daca n-ar fi carat cutiile acelea grele.

3. S-ar fi putut sa stau in ploaie mult timp daca nu m-ai fi vazut asteptand acolo.

4. Daca n-ar fi pandemia, am putea merge oriunde ne-ar placea.

5. Daca n-o sa am timp, n-o sa fac curat.

6. Ma intreb ce s-ar fi intamplat daca n-as fi invatat asa de mult.

7. Daca se intampla sa-l vezi, aminteste-i despre cartea mea!

8. Ti-as fi putut spune vestea daca as fi fost sigura ca e adevarata.

9. Daca n-ar fi fost internetul, nu am fi fost asa de aproape de oameni si nu am fi stiut asa de multe lucruri.

10. Ar fi trebuit sa avem grija de sanatatea noastra daca am fi vrut un sistem imunitar sanatos.


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Cuvinte interogative

Tradu in limba engleza:

1. Cat zahar trebuie sa punem in aceasta prajitura?

2. Cat de des inseala oamenii?

3. Cat le-a luat sa citeasca “Harry Potter”?

4. Cate videoclipuri am creat pana acum?

5. Cat de amuzant a fost filmul pe care l-ati vazut ieri?

6. A cui masina o foloseste el de cand a avut accidentul?

7. Cat de zgomotosi sunt copiii din cartierul tau?

8. Cu care dintre aceste pixuri ai vrea sa scrii?

9. Ce fel de fuste ii place ei sa poarte?

10. Ce lectii v-au placut mai mult pana acum?






Verbe modale

Alege varianta corecta:

1. When he was training to become an athlete, he must/could/might run for two hour uninterruptedly.

2. You needn’t have called/needn’t call/mustn’t have called a taxi, I would have taken you to the airport if you had called me.

3. You may not/ can’t /shouldn’t allow your child to play on the computer, he’s too young for that!

4. Do you can/Can/Have you do crosswords?

5. My dear, you may/shall/must go out only after you finish reading this.

6. Pedestrians must/mustn’t/have to cross the street on the red light, of course.

7. I can buy/could have bought/could bought the house because I could/had to/can afford, but I didn’t want to live in that area.

8. Did your manager say you must/had to/might do that project last month or last week?

9. She can’t be/must be/may be in this situation, I’m sure, she isn’t that kind of person.

10. I have to/may/must read this book because I really want to understand this matter.

11. Our guests might have arrived/must have arrived/can’t have arrived, but I’m not sure at all.

12. There will/shall/have to always be good guys and bad guys.

13. Shall/Will I explain the exercises in a video or do you prefer to solve them by yourself first?

14. Shall/Will you please be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate while writing the sentences!

15. My neighbours must have redecorated/must redecorate/can’t redecorated their house, I heard a lot of noise last month.

Some si Any

Exercitii SOME si ANY


Completeaza spatiile cu “some” sau “any”:


1. Can I have _ strawberries, please?

2. I didn’t see _ people when I was in the centre.

3. They have never read _ science fiction books.

4. Would you like _ more cake?

5. We’ve already bought _ of the things we need.

6. There’s hardly _ milk left in the bottle.

7. You can take _ book you want, just choose one.

8. Does she have _ brothers or sisters?

9. This is what _ scientists believe about the disease.

10. He could do it without _ help.


Exercitii cu PREPOZITII

Alege prepozitia:

  1. They never play the guitar on/in/at night.
  2. I must congratulate you about/from/on your achievement.
  3. I was watching at/on/- TV when you called.
  4. In fact, I was only listening -/to/at the news at/on/to TV.
  5. They met in/to/on a sunny Monday morning.
  6. We aren’t taking our daughter to/at/up school these days.
  7. He’s interested in/about/for reading books, but he depends of/to/on the local library.
  8. Did you see him in/at/on the evening?
  9. Luckily people can pay with/for/by card in this location, but they can only get there on/by/with foot.
  10. My grandparents are in/to/at home now.
  11. Can you stay in/to/at the door and wait -/for/about the guests?
  12. See you to/at/on the library to/at/on 18th March!
  13. Like/As/From a teacher, I can give you a lot of explanations.
  14. This is the most beautiful place from/at/in the country.


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