Exercitii Verbe Modale

Alege varianta potrivita:

1. It _________our cat scratching the door all night since it was sleeping in our bedroom.

a). may not have been

b). can’t have been

c). can’t be

d). shouldn’t be

2. Why is she wasting her time? She ________ the project until now.

a). should finish

b). must finish

c). can have finished

d). should have finished

3. We __________ get a pay rise for December, but nobody is sure yet.

a). can

b). might

c). should

d). would

4. Daniel __________ English, but the school has already enrolled him in German classes.

a). would rather study

b). wouldn’t study

c). would rather not study

d). had better study

5. Manager: “You ______ be here at the meeting.”

Employee: “I _____ be there at the meeting.”

a). may/can

b). should / need

c). must / have to

d). have to / must

6. Humans are the only beings that _______ use their reasoning.

a). must

b). should

c). have to

d). can

7. Hurry up! Your boyfriend _____________ for you already!

a). must have been waiting

b). must wait

c). must have waited

d). must be waiting

8. Employees _____________ leave the office on any account.

a). must

b). must not

c). can

d). cannot

9. You _________ find some of the most colourful flowers in this public garden.

a). should

b). ought to

c). have to

d). may

10. Why are you playing on the computer? You ___________ your work by now!

a). must finish

b). have to finish

c). should have finished

d). ought have finished

11. You ________ work for the presentation tomorrow, we have plenty of time.

a). mustn’t

b). don’t need

c). can’t

d). don’t have to

12. If you don’t have the watch any more, you _________it.

a). can have lost

b). must have lost

c). must lost

d). could have lost


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Intrebari wh-

Tradu in limba romana:

1. Pe cine cunosti?

2. A cui este masina aceea?

3. De unde are ea geanta?

4. Despre ce vorbesc de obicei cei doi prieteni?

5. Cand trebuie sa terminam proiectul?

6. Cata cafea e necesara pentru protocol?

7. La ce carti te referi?

8. Cat de des se intampla?

9. Cine te cunoaste?

10. Ce se intampla in fiecare vara in locul asta ciudat?

11. De ce se intampla asa un lucru oribil in orasul nostru in fiecare an?

12. Cat de departe sunt pregatiti sa mearga?

13. La ce ora ar trebui sa soseasca participantii?

14. De cata paini are nevoie?

15. Pentru ce e dispozitivul acela?

16. Ce tipuri de profesionisti sunt la intalnire?


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Test 5

Test 5


  1. No item of clothing will be returned without a _________

a). receive

b). recipe

c). receipt

d). receipe


  1. The books _________ you saw on the desk are mine.

a). that

b). which

c). whom

d). who


  1. He’s going to make a cup of coffee after he ________ and he’ll call her when he __________it.

a). shaves / will finish

b). will shave / will finish

c). will shave / finishes

d). has shaved / finishes


  1. “Send me a message if you talk to her!”, Charlie asked his friend.
    Charlie asked his friend ___________________.

a). to send him a message if he talk to her

b). sending him a message if he talk to her

c). to send him a message if he talked to her

d). to sent him a message if he talked to her


  1. I ____________ to a party, so I ___________ Saturday night with you.

a). was invited / won’t be able to spend

b). have been invited / won’t be able to spend

c). was invited / can’t spend

d). have invited / can’t spend


  1. “Where is my phone?”, my grandpa asked.
    My grandpa wanted to know where ________________.

a). was his phone

b). his phone was

c). is my phone

d). was his phone


  1. He was talking to us as if he ___________ our boss.

a). was

b). were

c). has been

d). had been


  1. __________ the book before he ________ the film?

a). Had he read / watched

b). He had read / watched

c). Did he read / had watched

d). He read / had watched


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Test 4

Test 4

1. You must congratulate yourself ______ the fact that you don’t depend ______ anyone when you go _______ trips that you are keen _________.

a). for / on / in / –

b). for / on / in / –

c). on / on / on / on

d). about / on / to / about


2. __________ we arrive ______________ we can have a rest.

a). the sooner / the more quickly

b). sooner / more quickly

c). the more soon / the more quickly

d). the sooner / the more quick


3. It was ________ for them to understand because they could ___________ follow the person who was speaking so ________.

a). hardly / hardly / fast

b). hard / hardly / fastly

c). hardly / hard / fast

d). hard / hardly / fast


4. The thief _______ to convince the investigator that he ________ anything wrong but the investigator _________ and he __________ a punishment anyway.

a). was trying / had done / thought / wouldn’t receive

b). was trying / hadn’t done / has been thinking / would receive

c). was trying / hadn’t done / thought / would receive

d). was trying / had done / thought / won’t receive


5. If it __________winter that time, we _____________the house and now we__________ our time in a modern living room.

a). hadn’t been / would have renovated / ’d spend

b). hadn’t been / would have renovated /’d be spending

c). weren’t / would renovate / ’d spend

d). hadn’t been / would have renovated / ’d have spent


6. I remember ________back her book and I also thought about _________some flowers for ___________ the opportunity _________ such a valuable book.

a). brought / buying / having / to read

b). bringing / buying / having / to read

c). to bring / buying / to have / to read

d). bringing / buying / to have / to read


7. The essay that _________to the team last week __________ very slowly because some research had to _________ previously.

a). gave / wrote / was done

b). was given / was writing / be done

c). was given / wrote / be done

d). was given / was being written / be done


8. They are going to come for a cake, _________?

a). aren’t they?

b). do they?

c). don’t they?

d). are they?


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Test 3

Test 3

1. He’s playing ____ guitar near ____ Danube and he’s telling everybody that ____ people usually listen to them but he likes ____ people who sing with him.

a). the / – / the / the

b). the / the / – / the

c). – / – / the / the

d). the / – / the / –


2. The lecturer was speaking __________ but his students thought that _________his voice was, _____ they were.

a). louder and louder / louder / less interested

b). more and more loud / the more loud / the less interested

c). louder and louder / the louder / the less interested

d). more and more louder / louder / less interested


3. “Can I have _____ ice cream?” the boy asked. The shop assistant replied that he could have ___ ice cream he wanted.

a). some / any

b). some / some

c). any / any

d). any / some


4. He ________ to be sad because his best friend __________ on the stage in a play this Sunday, while he ___________for any role.

a). appears / is appearing / hasn’t chosen

b). is appearing / is appearing / hasn’t been chosen

c). is appearing / is appearing / hasn’t chosen

d). appears / is appearing / hasn’t been chosen


5. They _______ tonight by train, but they don’t know yet what time their train _________.

a). are leaving / is leaving

b). are leaving / leave

c). leave / leaves

d). are leaving / leaves


6. The manager assistant ___________ emails today. She ____________ only ten although she ___________ since early morning.

a). is sending / has sent / has been working

b). is sending / had sent / has worked

c). is sending / has sent / has worked

d). is sending / had sent / has been working


7. What ___________ if we ___________ to her party and we ____________ her?

a). would have she thought / hadn’t gone / hadn’t even called

b). would she have thought / hadn’t gone / didn’t even call

c). would she have thought / didn’t go / didn’t even called

d). would she have thought / hadn’t gone / hadn’t even called


8. You __________ bread because I ___________ two loaves.

a). needn’t bought / have already brought

b). needn’t have bought / have already brought

c). didn’t buy / haven’t already bought

d). needn’t have bought / haven’t already brought


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Test 2

Test 2

1. She has ____ money, so she can’t buy that ______ coloured dress.

a). little / beautifully

b). few / beautifully

c.) little / beautiful

d). few / beautiful


2. The _______ rooms are upstairs, while their ________ room is downstairs.

a). children’s / parent’s

b). children’s / parents’

c) childrens’ / parents’

d). children’ / parents’


3. Neither Tom _________ his father __________ coffee.

a). nor / drinks

b). or / drinks

c). nor / drink

d). or / drink


4. __________of these two rooms __________ very clean.

a). Neither / is

b). None / is

c). Neither / aren’t

d). None / isn’t

5. While I _________, I ________the flowers that _________wonderful.

a). was walking/ was smelling / were looking

b). walked / smelled / were looking

c). was walking / was smelling / looked

d). walked / was smelling / looked


6. When our father was younger, he ______ get tired as quickly as now.

a). didn’t used to

b). used to

c). use to

d). didn’t use to


7. Firemen couldn’t put ___ the fire and their house burnt____, but hey had put _____some money and they could put _____with the situation.

a). off / down / back / up

b). out / down / aside / up

c). off / up / back / down

d). out / up / aside / down


8. I don’t know where _____ because I _____ her three times this morning and she _______, but I’m not going to call her again since it’s already 2 p.m.

a). is she / called / didn’t answer

b). she is / have called / hasn’t answered

c). is she / have called / hasn’t answered

d). she is / called / didn’t answer


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