Past Simple/Continuous – Past Perfect Simple/Continuous

Pune verbele din paranteze la Past Simple – Past Continuous – Past Perfect Simple – Past Perfect Continuous

1. “Hi, this is Donna!”

2. “Oh! Hi, Donna, I’m glad to hear you. What’s up?”

3. “Well, I just (browse) some photo albums when I (start) to remember our former classmates.”

4. “Oh, how nice! You (laugh) when you (see) our childish faces?”

5. “Not really. Some of us look the same. For example Damian… He already (divorce) when I (talk) to him.”

6. “What (happen)? He (be) one of the most intelligent boys.”

7. “Just his luck… When I (meet) him, he (apply) for a position in a foreign company.”

8. “What about Alice? She (marry) by the time we (graduate) high-school.”

9. “I know. She has a company with her husband now. They (celebrate) her birthday at Miriam’s restaurant when I accidentally (come across) them. They (invite) me to their table.”

10. “Donna, I’m awfully sorry! I would absolutely like to chat with you, but I  (bake) some cookies for a while when you (call)…”

11. “O.k., don’t wory. I’ll talk to you later. Bye!”

Urmareste in videoclip raspunsurile corecte si explicatia.

Exercitii Past Simple / Past Continuous

1. “What he (do) when you (arrive)?”

2. “He (write) emails.”

3. “When he (start) writing them?”

4. “He (not tell) me that.”

5. “And what you (do) when you (see) him at the computer?”

6. “Nothing, I just (turn on) the TV.”

7. “I (suppose) you (watch) TV while he (write) emails.”

8. “Yes, but after a while he (tell) me to turn it off and go to my room.”

9. “Oh, that’s why you (read) the newspaper when I (knock) at your door.”

10 “In fact I (read) the newspaper and I also (listen) to music.”