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Past Simple/Continuous – Past Perfect Simple/Continuous

Pune verbele din paranteze la Past Simple – Past Continuous – Past Perfect Simple – Past Perfect Continuous

1. “Hi, this is Donna!”

2. “Oh! Hi, Donna, I’m glad to hear you. What’s up?”

3. “Well, I just (browse) some photo albums when I (start) to remember our former classmates.”

4. “Oh, how nice! You (laugh) when you (see) our childish faces?”

5. “Not really. Some of us look the same. For example Damian… He already (divorce) when I (talk) to him.”

6. “What (happen)? He (be) one of the most intelligent boys.”

7. “Just his luck… When I (meet) him, he (apply) for a position in a foreign company.”

8. “What about Alice? She (marry) by the time we (graduate) high-school.”

9. “I know. She has a company with her husband now. They (celebrate) her birthday at Miriam’s restaurant when I accidentally (come across) them. They (invite) me to their table.”

10. “Donna, I’m awfully sorry! I would absolutely like to chat with you, but I  (bake) some cookies for a while when you (call)…”

11. “O.k., don’t wory. I’ll talk to you later. Bye!”

Urmareste in videoclip raspunsurile corecte si explicatia.

Exercitii Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect Continuous/Past Simple

1.”You (read) Think and grow rich”?

2. “Not yet. I mean I (start) reading it five months ago, but I (not finish) it.”

3. “Do you mean you (read) it for a few months?”

4. “Well, not exactly. Meanwhile, I (read) other books, too. I always (like) Anthony Robbins. In fact I (send) him an email. I (wait) for his answer since then.”

5. “Oh, this is interesting! When and how it (occur) to you to write an email? I never (think) about it.”

6. “To be honest I (think) about it since I (read) his first book.”

7.”I see. Well, it seems that you (be) very busy lately. I suppose you also (need) a lot of free time these months…”

Rezolvarea si explicatiile in videoclip:

Exercitii Present Simple / Present Continuous (avansati)


1. “How many times a week you (see) your grandparents?”

2. “I (not see) them very often .”

3. “You (see) them today?

4. “No, not today. Today I (have) an appointment with my lawyer.”

“Your lawyer? Why??”

5. “Well, I (have) a party this weekend and I (not want) to break the law. I (want) to ask him a few questions.”

6. “I (not see) why. I (be) sure it won’t be a problem. I (know) you (have) a large house with a big garden and it (not be) so close to your neighbours.”

7. “I (hope) so. I usually (invite) a lot of people but this time I (invite) only some of my business partners.”


Rezolvarea si explicatiile AICI:


Gramatica engleza


Gramatica engleza

Este un site despre gramatica engleza in explicatii video si audio gratuite, precum si cu exercitii rezolvate si explicate.


Gramatica engleza


Daca vrei sa inveti gramatica limbii engleze, intra pe gramatica engleza si vei gasi aici cursuri de engleza online gratis.


Cursurile de gramatica engleza sunt pentru toate varstele si toate nivelele de limba engleza.



Exercitii Present Perfect Simple/Present Perfect Continuous/Past Simple

1. “What he (do) since he (arrive)?”

2. “Well, he (write) emails on the computer.”

3. “How many emails do you think he (write) so far?”

4. “I don’t know, but I’m sure he (write) a lot. He (write) for over an hour.

5. I wonder if he has a problem or something because he (write) emails yesterday, too.”

6. “You (see) him writing them yesterday?”

7. “No, but he (tell) me about that.”

8. “He (ask) you any help?”

9. “No, he (tell) me not to disturb him.

10. “I just wonder why he (write) emails for two days…”

Exercitii Past Simple / Past Continuous

1. “What he (do) when you (arrive)?”

2. “He (write) emails.”

3. “When he (start) writing them?”

4. “He (not tell) me that.”

5. “And what you (do) when you (see) him at the computer?”

6. “Nothing, I just (turn on) the TV.”

7. “I (suppose) you (watch) TV while he (write) emails.”

8. “Yes, but after a while he (tell) me to turn it off and go to my room.”

9. “Oh, that’s why you (read) the newspaper when I (knock) at your door.”

10 “In fact I (read) the newspaper and I also (listen) to music.”

Exercitii Present Simple / Present Continuous (avansati)

1. “What he (do)?”

2. “I (think) he (write) emails in his rooms.”

3. ” I (suppose) he (think) about moving with his girlfriend.”

4. “Really?? Now I (understand) why he (talk) to her every day.”

5. “Yes, they (discuss) all the details today.”

6. “Maybe he (move) next weekend.”

7. “You (think) he (be) happy?”

8. “He (be), but his friends (give) him a lot of contradictory advice these days.”

9. “Look, he (come)!”

10. “Hi, Bob, you (be) ok?”


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