Cuvinte interogative

Tradu in limba engleza:

1. Cat zahar trebuie sa punem in aceasta prajitura?

2. Cat de des inseala oamenii?

3. Cat le-a luat sa citeasca “Harry Potter”?

4. Cate videoclipuri am creat pana acum?

5. Cat de amuzant a fost filmul pe care l-ati vazut ieri?

6. A cui masina o foloseste el de cand a avut accidentul?

7. Cat de zgomotosi sunt copiii din cartierul tau?

8. Cu care dintre aceste pixuri ai vrea sa scrii?

9. Ce fel de fuste ii place ei sa poarte?

10. Ce lectii v-au placut mai mult pana acum?






Propozitii cu diverse timpuri

Tradu in limba engleza:

1. La doua saptamani dupa Craciun, doua prietene vorbesc:

2. Deci cum ti-ai petrecut Craciunul?

3. Pot sa spun ca a fost cel mai bun Craciun!

4. De ce spui asta? Ai petrecut multe concedii de Craciun dragute pana acum.

5. Intr-adevar, dar acesta a fost special pentru ca ne-am dus la mare.

–         Unde?

6. Noi vruseseram sa mergem pe litoralul nostru si chiar merseseram la o agentie de turism.

7. Pentru ca nu am putut gasi o oferta convenabila, agentul a sugerat Cipru.

8. Cautaseram o oferta buna timp de doua saptamani inainte sa ne hotaram in cele din urma sa mergem acolo.

9. Nu ma gandisem ca voi vizita vreodata Cipru, dar pot sa-ti spun ca a fost cel mai bun concediu pe care l-am petrecut vreodata.

10. A fost atat de dragut, incat ne-am hotarat ca vom merge acolo si anul viitor.

11. De atunci ma gandesc la asta.

12. Sunt atat de entuziasmata acum, cand iti povestesc.


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Alege varianta potrivita:


1. I can’t/ can/ couldn’t swim, but at least I can try.

2. You shouldn’t/ can’t/ mustn’t smoke in this restaurant.

3. You may/must/need to take a break now if you want.

4.  When he was younger, he might/ should/ could walk 10 km a day.

5. They may/ might/ could have arrived, but I’m not sure at all!

6. Your grandpa must/can/should be working in the garden… he isn’t answering the land line.

7. I’m sure it wasn’t her, she mustn’t/ can’t/ shouldn’t have done it!

8. Wait for me there, please, I need/ may/ must be a few minutes late!

9. I’m sorry, the manager has just left. You must/ should/ could have come earlier.

10. Students must/ can/ may do that, this is the rule in our university.

11. If you play so well, you will can/ will be able to/ will be able win the next championship.

12. You mustn’t/ needn’t/ can’t have bought bread! Now we have too much.


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Some si Any

Exercitii SOME si ANY


Completeaza spatiile cu “some” sau “any”:


1. Can I have _ strawberries, please?

2. I didn’t see _ people when I was in the centre.

3. They have never read _ science fiction books.

4. Would you like _ more cake?

5. We’ve already bought _ of the things we need.

6. There’s hardly _ milk left in the bottle.

7. You can take _ book you want, just choose one.

8. Does she have _ brothers or sisters?

9. This is what _ scientists believe about the disease.

10. He could do it without _ help.

Exercitii cu diverse timpuri

Pune verbele din paranteze la Present Simple / Present Continuous / Present Perfect Simple / Present Perfect Continuous / Past Simple, apoi vezi rezolvarea in videoclip:

1. My friends (move) house recently.

2. They already (buy) the furniture.

3. They (buy) it two weeks ago and they (carry) it since then.

4. A plumber (promise) to come yesterday, but he (not come).

5. My friends often (throw) parties because they (not like) silence.

6. This is why they (order) a big living room when they (talk) with the architect for the first time.

7. The point is that they (spend) a lot of money with the house so far.

8. Every week they (spend) more than 1000 dollars.

9. Every day, they (work) a lot, too.

10. So far, they (do) the cleaning, but they (forget) about the windows.

11. Today they (need) to buy a ladder for that.

12. What they (do) tomorrow?



Past Simple – Present Perfect Simple – exercitii

  1. I think the manager (decide) for all the employees to meet him.
  2. He (call) everybody some time ago.
  3. He (not talk) to his personal assistant yet.
  4. His personal assistant (come) to work today?
  5. She (arrive) even earlier than 9 a.m.
  6. She (arrange) some meetings for the manager the moment she (arrive).
  7. I guess she (not send) all the invitations so far because she (not have) time.
  8. She (send) them a minute ago.
  9. How long it (take) her to type the emails?
  10. She types very quickly. She (learn) how to type quickly when she (be) in high-school.

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