Exercitii CONDITIONALA tipuri de baza si mixte

Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii:

1. Te-as putea auzi daca ai vorbi mai tare.
2. Daca am munci mai mult, s-ar putea sa primim o marire de salariu.
3. I-as putea da dosarul daca l-as fi terminat.
4. Ne-am fi dus in vacanta la mare daca ne-ar fi placut plaja.
5. Daca vremea va fi frumoasa, vom face o plimbare.
6. Ar fi trebuit sa te hotarasti mai devreme daca ai fi vrut sa mergi acolo.
7. Daca te-ai fi gandit la consecinte, n-ai fi facut asta.
8. Daca ai fi invatat engleza, ai putea sa-l intelegi pe acest vorbitor.
9. Ea te ajuta daca vrei.,
10. Daca ar fi tinut o dieta si ar fi facut niste sport, acum ar fi in forma.


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Exercitii diateza pasiva


Pune verbele din paranteze la timpul potrivit:

1. A film ever (to make) based on this true story?

2. Half an hour ago, a cake (to bring) for everybody.

3. I think many of these sentences (to write) correctly.

4. A solution to the problem (to find) at the meeting, or at least this is their intention.

5. At least a rare animal often (to kill) by poachers.

6. All the files must (to finish) by tomorrow?

7. The breakfast (to eat) right now.

8. The documents (to hand in) before the board met.

9. All this work (not to finish) before the manager comes.

10. The toys for presents (to buy) at that time.

11. They promised that the Christmas tree (to decorate) in the center of the town.

12. All these actions can (to do) before the crisis?

13. Antibiotics should (not take into consideration) in case of a simple cold.


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Exercitii Future Tenses

Exercitii Future Tenses

Pune verbele din paranteze la unul din timpurile future:

1. She thinks he never (understand) her.

2. Listen! A thunderstorm (come)!

3. I can’t wait! At this time next month I (swim) in a pool.

4. You (prepare) all the dishes by the time I (come)?

5. Her husband claimed he (attend) a course in French cuisine.

6. Can’t you hear the noise? I (close) all the windows!

7. Her brother doesn’t want to go out, but he (watch) a film on Sunday afternoon.

8. I truly believe you (speak) English correctly.

9. By the time rain (stop), the rainbow (appear) in the sky.

10. Everybody asked me if I (have) an Italian site like this one in English.


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Exercitii cu Past Simple – Past Perfect Simple- Past Perfect Continuous

1. The child (have) the dog, Cudly, for two months before it (disappear).

2. His sister (leave) the gate open and the little dog (go out) of the yard.

3. Both children and their parents (look for) the dog for three hours when they (decide) to place some photos of the dog in the neighbourhood.

4. They (not know) that moment that another little child (find) Cudly.

5. He (play) with the dog for more than an hour.

6. They (be) happy playing with each other, running in the streets.

7. Suddenly, the boy (see) a photo of the dog on a fence and he (realize) the dog (run away) before he (find) it.

8. What a pity! He (have to) take the dog back.

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Present Perfect Simple – Present Perfect Continuous – Past Simple

  1. How long you (be) interested in books?
  2. I think I (like) reading books since I (start) secondary school.
  3. Really? And how you (become) interested in reading?
  4. Well, I (not want) to eat and I (use to) ask my grandma to read a story for me while I was eating. And this is how I (start)  to see how entertaining the books were.
  5. So you (read) for a long time… How many books you (read) so far?
  6. I couldn’t tell that! Who’d count the books?! I (read) a lot and I also (like) a lot.
  7. What kind of books you (like)?
  8. When I (be) a teenager I (like) adventure books, but for some time I (study) science books.

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Past Simple – Present Perfect Simple – exercitii

  1. I think the manager (decide) for all the employees to meet him.
  2. He (call) everybody some time ago.
  3. He (not talk) to his personal assistant yet.
  4. His personal assistant (come) to work today?
  5. She (arrive) even earlier than 9 a.m.
  6. She (arrange) some meetings for the manager the moment she (arrive).
  7. I guess she (not send) all the invitations so far because she (not have) time.
  8. She (send) them a minute ago.
  9. How long it (take) her to type the emails?
  10. She types very quickly. She (learn) how to type quickly when she (be) in high-school.

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