Vorbirea indirecta (Indirect Speech)

  1. “Open the suitcase, please”, they required him.
  2. “You can’t see your girlfriend now; she’s having a shower”, her father told Tom.
  3. “It is raining heavily now”, mum said coming into the room.
  4. “You should learn more”, the teacher advised him.
  5. “Put on your coat, Jerry, it’s cold outside!”, his mum told Jerry.
  6. “Mr. Smith teaches Geography in our school”, she told her friend.
  7. “I was sleeping from 3 to 5 p.m. yesterday”, he explained.
  8. “What’s your name?”, he asked her.
  9. “Why did you go there alone?”, Jane asked.
  10. “My husband had cooked a delicious meal for me by then.”, she said.
  11. “Have you ever eaten snails?”, he asked me.
  12. “Who is making that noise?”, she asked.
  13. “It’s Jerry. He’s repairing a pipe”, grandma explained.
  14. “We’ll have a wonderful day tomorrow”, the weather forecaster said.
  15. “I’m not going to write my homework now”, young Bobby said.
  16. “Has she already left?”, her classmate asked.
  17. “Don’t point with your finger, please”, his grandma told him.
  18. “I think you are a liar”, his girlfriend told her.
  19. “I read the whole chapter last night”, he boasted.
  20. “My grandfather eats too much”, Sebastian said.
  21. “You should always learn your lessons”, his mother advised him.
  22. “Where does your cousin live?”, he asked me.
  23. “Did you understand our teacher’s explanation?, my deskmate asked me.
  24. “Can I have a hamburger, please?”, she asked.
  25. “Who told you that?”, my father asked me.
  26. “I always try to do my job well”, he boasted.
  27. “What can I do for her?”, he wondered.
  28. “I like red roses”, my mother said.
  29. “They drank all my wine”, my friend noticed.
  30. “I wouldn’t buy this book if you didn’t like it”, he announced.

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  1. 1. They required him to opened the suitcase.
    2. Her father told Tom that he couldn’t see his girlfrind then; she was having a shower.
    3. Mum said caming into the room because it was raining havely then.
    4. The teacher adviced him that he should learn more.
    5. His mum told Jerry that he took his coat because it is could outside.
    6. She told her frind that Mr. Smith taugh Geography in ours school.
    7. He expained that he had been sleeping from 3 to 5 pm the previous day.
    8. He asked what was her name.
    9. Jane asked why I had gone there alone.
    10. She said that her husband had cooked a delicios meal for her by then.
    11. He asked me if I had eaten snails.
    12. Grandma explained that was Jerry,. He was reparing a pipe.
    14. The weather forecaster said that you would have a wonderful day the next day.
    15. Young Bobby said that he wasn’t going to write his homework then.
    16. Her calassmate asked if she had left.
    17. His grandma told him that he didn’t point with his finger.
    18. His girlfrind told her that he thought she was a liar.
    19. He boasted that he had read the whole chapter The previuos night.
    20. Sebastian said that his grandfather ate too much.
    21. His mother adviced him that he should learn his lessons.
    22. He asked me where did his cousin live.
    23. My daskmate asked me if I had understood ours teacher’s explanation.
    24. She asked if she could have a hamburger.
    25. My father asked me who had told me that.
    26. He boasted that he tried to do his job well.
    27. He wondered what he could do for her.
    28. My mother said that she liked red roses.
    29. My friend noticed that they had drunk all his wine.
    30. He announced that he wouldn’t buy that book if I haden’t liked it.

  2. la propozitia numarul 30 cred ca este corect He announced that he wouldn’t had bought that book if he hadn’t liked it, nu He announced that he wouldn’t have bought that book if he hadn’t liked it

  3. scuze ca revin, dar daca propozitia initiala nr 18 ar fi fost “He thinks you are a liar”, his girlfriend told her. ar fi fost corecta propozitia lui Nico”His girlfrind told her that he thought she was a liar”.
    Asadar(“I think you are a liar”, his girlfriend told her.)indirecta ar fi, dupa parerea mea:”His girlfrind told her that she thought she was a liar”
    Thanks!It’s my opinion. So I thought.

  4. Buna, nu pot vedea rezolvarile exercitiilor deoarece apare o eroare legata de flash player, va rog sa-mi trimiteti filmarile cu rezolvarile pe mail sau sa le repostati aici daca se poate . Multumesc frumos.


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