Exercitii CONDITIONALA tipuri de baza si mixte

Tradu in engleza urmatoarele propozitii:

1. Te-as putea auzi daca ai vorbi mai tare.
2. Daca am munci mai mult, s-ar putea sa primim o marire de salariu.
3. I-as putea da dosarul daca l-as fi terminat.
4. Ne-am fi dus in vacanta la mare daca ne-ar fi placut plaja.
5. Daca vremea va fi frumoasa, vom face o plimbare.
6. Ar fi trebuit sa te hotarasti mai devreme daca ai fi vrut sa mergi acolo.
7. Daca te-ai fi gandit la consecinte, n-ai fi facut asta.
8. Daca ai fi invatat engleza, ai putea sa-l intelegi pe acest vorbitor.
9. Ea te ajuta daca vrei.,
10. Daca ar fi tinut o dieta si ar fi facut niste sport, acum ar fi in forma.


Vezi rezolvarea in videoclip:



Conditionala (IF Clause)

  1. If they had come to my place we (listen) to some good music.
  2. What happens if you (boil) your cream?
  3. You (drive) now if you hadn’t drunk beer.
  4. He wouldn’t have visited you unless you (invite) him.
  5. I (never succeed) unless you had helped me.
  6. If you (be) late again, you’ll lose your job.
  7. If I (know) how to swim, I would have swum already.
  8. She’ll come to your party if you (invite) her.
  9. If I (see) a snake, I would run.
  10. I would be glad if she (come).
  11. What would you do if you (not have) money?
  12. I wouldn’t have read that book unless I (need) it.
  13. If you had wanted to speak English, you (learn) it.
  14. I would be a politician if I (can) understand politics.
  15. If she (be) here, she could sing a carol for us.
  16. But for the snow, winter (not be) so nice.
  17. If  Mandy had paid attention,  she (not lose) her keys.
  18. If I (be) you, I wouldn’t pay any attention to what she says.
  19. Where you (go) if he offered you a holiday?
  20. What she (say) if I visited her unexpectedly?