Test 3

Test 3

1. He’s playing ____ guitar near ____ Danube and he’s telling everybody that ____ people usually listen to them but he likes ____ people who sing with him.

a). the / – / the / the

b). the / the / – / the

c). – / – / the / the

d). the / – / the / –


2. The lecturer was speaking __________ but his students thought that _________his voice was, _____ they were.

a). louder and louder / louder / less interested

b). more and more loud / the more loud / the less interested

c). louder and louder / the louder / the less interested

d). more and more louder / louder / less interested


3. “Can I have _____ ice cream?” the boy asked. The shop assistant replied that he could have ___ ice cream he wanted.

a). some / any

b). some / some

c). any / any

d). any / some


4. He ________ to be sad because his best friend __________ on the stage in a play this Sunday, while he ___________for any role.

a). appears / is appearing / hasn’t chosen

b). is appearing / is appearing / hasn’t been chosen

c). is appearing / is appearing / hasn’t chosen

d). appears / is appearing / hasn’t been chosen


5. They _______ tonight by train, but they don’t know yet what time their train _________.

a). are leaving / is leaving

b). are leaving / leave

c). leave / leaves

d). are leaving / leaves


6. The manager assistant ___________ emails today. She ____________ only ten although she ___________ since early morning.

a). is sending / has sent / has been working

b). is sending / had sent / has worked

c). is sending / has sent / has worked

d). is sending / had sent / has been working


7. What ___________ if we ___________ to her party and we ____________ her?

a). would have she thought / hadn’t gone / hadn’t even called

b). would she have thought / hadn’t gone / didn’t even call

c). would she have thought / didn’t go / didn’t even called

d). would she have thought / hadn’t gone / hadn’t even called


8. You __________ bread because I ___________ two loaves.

a). needn’t bought / have already brought

b). needn’t have bought / have already brought

c). didn’t buy / haven’t already bought

d). needn’t have bought / haven’t already brought


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Test 2

Test 2

1. She has ____ money, so she can’t buy that ______ coloured dress.

a). little / beautifully

b). few / beautifully

c.) little / beautiful

d). few / beautiful


2. The _______ rooms are upstairs, while their ________ room is downstairs.

a). children’s / parent’s

b). children’s / parents’

c) childrens’ / parents’

d). children’ / parents’


3. Neither Tom _________ his father __________ coffee.

a). nor / drinks

b). or / drinks

c). nor / drink

d). or / drink


4. __________of these two rooms __________ very clean.

a). Neither / is

b). None / is

c). Neither / aren’t

d). None / isn’t

5. While I _________, I ________the flowers that _________wonderful.

a). was walking/ was smelling / were looking

b). walked / smelled / were looking

c). was walking / was smelling / looked

d). walked / was smelling / looked


6. When our father was younger, he ______ get tired as quickly as now.

a). didn’t used to

b). used to

c). use to

d). didn’t use to


7. Firemen couldn’t put ___ the fire and their house burnt____, but hey had put _____some money and they could put _____with the situation.

a). off / down / back / up

b). out / down / aside / up

c). off / up / back / down

d). out / up / aside / down


8. I don’t know where _____ because I _____ her three times this morning and she _______, but I’m not going to call her again since it’s already 2 p.m.

a). is she / called / didn’t answer

b). she is / have called / hasn’t answered

c). is she / have called / hasn’t answered

d). she is / called / didn’t answer


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Test 1

  1. He _______  to speak French now if he ______ it when he was in school.

a). would have been able / has studied

b). would be able / has studied

c). would be able / had studied

d). would have been able / had studied


  1. They want to know if _____ there before lunch or ______  later on.

a). the guests is / they are

b). are the guests / are they

c). the guest are / they will come

d). the guests will be / they will come


  1. It was his birthday ___ that day and many girls were supposed to come ____ his party ____ 8 p.m. because he was one of the most popular boys ____ his high school, but ____ the end only his girlfriend arrived ____ the end of the party.

a). in / to / at / in / at / in

b). in / at / at / from / at / in

c). on / to / at / from / in / at

d). on / to / at / in / in / at


  1. The teacher asked them what ________  and how old _______.

a). their names were / they were

b). were their names / were they

c). were their names / they were

d). their names were / were they


  1. ______ our hard work, we only succeeded to get the second place, ______ our direct competitors won the trophy.

a). Despite of / whereas

b). In despite of / while

c). In spite / while

d). In spite of / whereas


  1. They asked the hostages ___ the bus to get ___ it and get ___ the police cars.

a). from / out of / in

b). in / on / in

c). on / off / in

d). from / off / on


  1. When I visited my native town, a new block _______ there.

a). was building

b). was being build

c). was built

d). was being built


  1. The young mechanic ________ to repair the car for two days by the time a more experienced mechanic _______.

a). was trying / was called

b). tried / was called

c). had been trying / was called

d). had tried / called


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Intrebari 2

Tradu in limba romana:

1.      Sunt in birou acum?

2.      Cand iti spune povesti bunicul?

3.      Ar trebui sa scriem totul?

4.      Ati reusit sa il faceti?

5.      De cand lucrati pentru acest proiect?

6.      Ploua saptamana asta?

7.      Oricune poate veni la curs?

8.      Ce trebuie sa intelegem?

9.      Este lapte in frigider?

10.  Cine conduce afacerea asta?

11.  Ce se intampla cand ai ajuns acolo?

12.  De unde a luat paragraful?

13.  Cu cine iti petreci timpul?


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Tradu in limba engleza:

1. Au fost cateva cutremure anul asta.

2. Vor exista destui bani pentru proiectul asta.

3. Fusesera multe dificultati inainte de secolul al nouasprezecelea.

4. Nu cred ca pot sa existe schimbari in orarul de la scoala in acest moment.

5. Erau carti interesante de citit cand erai tu copil?

6. Nu exista multe informatii despre asta.

7. Tocmai imi spune ca trebuie sa fie cel putin 50 de oameni care vor sa mearga acolo.

8. Nu crezi ca ar trebui sa fie mai multi studenti interesati de cursul asta?

9. Ar fi mai multi bani in contul tau daca nu ai comanda tot felul de lucruri in fiecare saptamana.

10. Nu inteleg ce e in supa… Cred ca s-ar putea sa fie niste legume din alta tara.




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Pronume personale

Tradu in limba engleza:


1. N-au sosit inca, dar am vorbit cu ei si sunt pe drum.

2. Inteleg ca nu ai vrut sa vii la petrecerea de ziua mea impreuna cu ea, desi te-a invitat sa i te alaturi.

3. N-am putut iesi pentru ca el ne-a spus ca intentiona sa vina sa ne ia undeva unde voia sa fie vazut cu noi.

4. Mi-ai spus explicatia, dar nu m-am putut concentra asupra ei deoarece conduceam, ploua si se facuse intuneric.

5. Ai vrea sa-ti aduc niste inghetata? Pot sa vin la tine in doua ore.

6. Spune-mi cine vorbea despre mine si ce vorbeau… s-au oprit cand m-au vazut.

7. Am  vorbit despre voi cu furnizorul si au fost de acord sa va faca o oferta, asa ca va pot trimite documentul pe mail acum, dar pot sa vin la voi doar maine.

8. Cei doi clienti ar vrea ca noi sa le trimitem niste mostre si ai fost cu mine cand le-am promis, dar amandoi am uitat.


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