“like” + verb (“to”/ “-ing”)

LIKE cu verb la infinitiv sau “-ing”


Una dintre regulile gramaticale spune ca dupa verbe ca:

  • like, enjoy, love etc.

daca urmeaza un alt verb, atunci el trebuie sa aiba terminatia “-ing”.

Astfel, exista propozitii de felul urmator:

I like going shopping.

She enjoys watching TV.

We love visiting our parents.

Dupa aceste verbe se pune, insa, si verb la infinitiv lung, adica de forma “to V”, atunci cand alegi sa faci ceva intr-un anume context.

I like to go shopping on Saturday.

She enjoys to watch TV when she comes back from work.

We love to visit our parents in the morning to have coffee together.

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